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Outlook Express for Macintosh


Configure Mail Server Setting

  1. Launch the Outlook Express
  2. From the menu bar, click on Edit > Preferences...

  3. The Preferences window opens with a window on the left and the corresponding information for the items in the window on the right
  4. In the left window, select Accounts > Email item
  5. Configure the settings as follows:

    • Account Information
      •         Full name: [Enter your Real Name here]
        E-mail Address: [Enter your SingNet email address here]
             Organsation: [Optional item]
    • Sending Mail
      •    SMTP Server:
    • Receiving Mail
      •       Account ID: [Enter your SingNet UserID here]
             POP Server:

  6. Click on the OK button to apply and update the changes

  7. SingNet Mail Server configuration in Outlook Express for Macintosh is completed

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